4 definitions by lemlom_

randomly generated version of qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm, if you find this on accident, you deserve a prize
robot: bryteupsdlfjqxvwnhcomzgkai
person 1(me): holy shit nobody will ever know
by lemlom_ October 13, 2021
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the absolute pinicle of boredom. how did you even find this?

you have beaten the system of these keyboard combos and decided to go full random. Good Job.
"ugh, i hate doing R.E. work, lets type qpwoeirutyalksjdhfgzxvbcnm to see if theres any results to pass the time.
by lemlom_ October 13, 2021
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holy shit. are you a madman?
you typed qwerty, asdf and zxcv the correct way but then after each one did the rest of the row of the keyboard backwards.
person 1: qwertypoiuasdflkjhgzxcvmnb.
person 2: you should really get help.
by lemlom_ October 13, 2021
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