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One who complains about everything or whines excessively.
Man he's such a crybitch.
That chick is the biggest crybitch i know.
My girlfriend is a crybitch.
by leftyhandz November 04, 2009

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A person, usually a man who preys on pregnant women for "entertainment"
Person 1: Greg hit on that chick thats pregnant!
Person 2: Well yeah he has one of those sick fettishes, he's a pregnifile.
by Leftyhandz November 10, 2009

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Someone who looks at porn with every chance they get no matter where they are.
Kid 1- Did you hear about that kid who got busted for looking at porn on the teachers computer?
Kid 2- Oh you mean that stupid ass pornasaurus?
by leftyhandz November 05, 2009

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Expression used for being suprised.
Holy cracksniff! that was insane
by leftyhandz November 04, 2009

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