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Verb: A plebeian defined isa player of the status "Noob" which is equal or lesser to that of a "Nub" or "Nooblet". Noobs can be seen dating back to the anciant times of WoW where noobs begged for gold and or bought accounts because they were to lazy to level on their own. Noobs can also be referred to back in the first Call of Duty, where a person on the opposing team would "at the beginning of a game" aim his/her granade launcher at a spot in which they know where all teams spawned on the map and would nuke the other team right as the game started resulting in an instant win for that noobs team.
This reference also is referred to as the "Noobtube" or "Noobtubing effect". It is highly not suggested that if you are said noob, that you keep your status ailment as noob as this can increase your chances of being an even bigger noob than you already are thus making you a "Froob". See Froob.

Action verb: Not to be confused with an Aristomatic shit of fucker which these need to be defined elsewhere other than this post because of how rich or powerful they think they are means nothing if they are just a piece of shit hanging like a dingleberry by the ass of a dirty asshat not to be confused with it's brother the assclown.
The bastard's who made the word are greater or equal to that of a fucking aristocrat that are to be like that of a cocksucker like bill gates or the insignificunt, andrew gower. See also world domination, jagex, microsoft, sony apple steve jobs, blizzard entertainment, google, obama, illuminati, government, secret society.

I hope these fuckshit's don't take over the world and call us plebeian's.
by learningisforthebest February 5, 2014
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Jagex or fagex is the number one communistic videogame companies on the market to date. The cocksucker who founded this heaping piece of shit into existence is none other than that slob of a fuck Andrew Gower.Jagex has the most useless account retrieval process and with they had a better grasp on how much they actually care about their customers. Jagex by far win's this round as their entire system is the bane of the world. Do not play games made by Jagex or you'll lose at least 12 years of your life span. Their is a study being done that people who tend to play games by Jagex are more likely to get fucked over one way or another by the dipfucks.
This company sucks so many dicks on a large scale, anybody you ask would say, "Oh, you must be talking about Jagex, they can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!".

Jagex does some serious sucking!
by learningisforthebest February 4, 2014
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When a retard skips your post cause they didn't actually read it.
Damn, some of these editors don't know shit about skipping!
by learningisforthebest February 4, 2014
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Shut it down.

Said by a friends father that has an hilarious wisconian accent.
Jash (supposed to be pronounced as Josh), Jash! Shut it down!
You need to shut it down jash!
Jash, shut it down man!
by learningisforthebest February 5, 2014
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