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A sorority who's members are the epitome of the perfect girls. They are down to earth, sweet, pretty, friendy, fun, stylish, classy, love to have fun, outgoing, and involved. They love to party and have a good time, but they also are very involved in the Greek community and events. Every sorority should try to be more like Delta Gamma.
Frat guy: I wish my frat could mix with those Delta Gamma girls. They seem like so much fun to be with and they are so pretty.
Soro girl: yeah, they are all super cute and energetic.
by lax guy May 19, 2006
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College in NJ that I go to. Pretty cool, big campus, okay people. Most kids in NJ probably know atleast 50 kids they graduated with that go here.
Hey, where did Joe end up going to college? Oh, he went to Rutgers like all the other kids we graduated with.
by lax guy July 01, 2006
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A very small town in New Jersey. Too small to have its own high school, the students go to neighboring Watchung Hills Regional High School. The people in the town are mostly middle class and white, however the town is expaniding and bringing in more types of people. The town is divided by route 22 and the watchung hills mountains. The upper part of the town on the mountain tends to be richer and better off, as many families live in newer and bigger homes. Most kids are pretty friendly, and many are into sports like baseball. There is an abundance of different styles that can be seen, ranging from preppy, to skater, to white kids who try to dress and act ghetto. Theres not much to do in Green Brook at all. And everyone knows everyone elses business.
I wish I didnt like in Green Brook, there is never anything to do here. Yeah, but atleast we play sports and the girls here are pretty.
by lax guy May 19, 2006
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