3 definitions by lalio

An amazing and beautyful girl. She has got such beautyful eyes and pretty face that can only make u happy. Her sweetness is hidden under a layer of shyness. She makes u love her only by showing her smile. When she hugs u, you can only feel grateful with the life bc she is the cutest girl in the world. Very clever and stylish, she knows about every film made in the late 80´s and can sing every grunge song on the radio. She has got an huge an thicc booty and sexy boobs with a golden tan that covers her pure golden heart, like her tooth made of gold that illuminates the darkest corners in my life. She does very good chupaditas. She is amazing and very posser, you can´t describe her with words without crying. 10/10.
Joel: Hey, do you want to masturbate in my corridor?
Pablo: Sorry Joel, I love Mariam, maybe next Tuesday.
by lalio May 14, 2018
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is hermosote
anus is
by lalio May 14, 2018
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