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I'm a proud American living in beautiful Canada. I have many family members that are Canadian and American. I think both countries are great in their own speical way.

- Has many great hockey players and teams also has a great WINTER olympic team
- Truly care about the environment(wonderful water, amazing forest, etc.)
- we have great beer and comedians
- Have great healthcare yet we still complain about it
- Focus more on education and health than military
- Very diverse and multi-cultural
- we speak English and French even though Quebec wants to be seperated from Canada

- strong and powerful country due to military (i don't agree w/ them being in Iraq even though many brave soliders are risking their lives)
- sorry but i really don't like Bush and against his presidency
- has strong trading markets and businesses
- have a great SUMMER olympic team
- in many metropolis cities like LA, NYC, etc is very diverse and multi-cultural like Vancouver, Toronto, etc.
- have many popular pro-sports such as football, basketball, and baseball
- although we speak American; there are many languages spoken in the US

btw many Americans and many Canadians are very prejudice about each other. We both form North America yet we still diss each other countries and hardly look at the positive sides of the other country. Also we always talk sh!t about the other country, seriously, many Americans are not rude or dumb, and they do not all support Bush (many are against his ways)...and Canadians does not live in igloos, say "eh", and we don't insult you in the face but we do behind your back (sorry, that's not a diss but it's true).

Canada and US are both similar yet we still have many arguments. Can't we just all try our best to get along togehter happily.
I love living in Canada and I love being American.
by lady_anne June 17, 2004
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Being overweight and curvy, but with self confidence!
Girl, I know I gained five pounds but I'm Fatalicious, and I look fine!!!!!!!
by Lady_Anne September 16, 2015
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