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It's when a person creates a euphemism on the fly to describe something, and most people understand what they're referring to even though they've never heard the word before.
I do like the term 'bingalated'. Is it in urbandictionary.com or do I need to add it?

You will probably need to add it. It's one of my neuphemisms.
by lacygirl1126 January 27, 2010
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When you use the search engine Bing to find something, you've bingalated it.
I bingalated it, because I wanted to find one awesome pizza place for you.
by lacygirl1126 January 27, 2010
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A moon landing is when two people's naked butts bump as they bend over.
Two men in a gym locker room bend over at the same time while facing away from each other and their naked butts bump:

"Oh, oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"

"What? Was that your first moon landing?"
by lacygirl1126 January 31, 2010
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