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a hippie town where everyone is stoned and yet parent say 'what a nice place for my kid to grow up' and a place where evryone goes to see the analy play and the parade. A place that used to be all apple trees and is now just mostly all apple trees. a place where everyone hangs out at safeway and everyone give hugz :)
a place i call home
Sebastopol califonia is friggin aesome but a little boring.
by la la la la la March 31, 2008
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Holy Crap. New Canaan is a very wealthy town bordering Norwalk & Wilton, But
After you cross out of New Canaan you always see a big difference but don’t know what
It is. Sometimes it seems like a lot of New Canaanites are under some sort of mind control, because a lot of people hide their true feelings about the town and such. There
Are 3 kinds of New Canaanites. The first type are it’s natives who lived here all their
Lives and have an innocence about them but at the same time pretend to be badass in
Their own attempt to stand out. These people dress in Ralph Lauren polos with
Colorful shorts along with a bright baseball cap that makes them easy to spot anywhere.
Some of these people are secretly popular but you would never know it, because of
Their wittiness. You have to watch out for these type because they are heart breakers
And they act like they are really deep with their feelings when they really don’t give
A fuck what goes on outside of their ever so busy lives- e.g beer pong in the basement
After a long Lax game, Starting a band in their 8 seater home movie theaters.
The second type of New Canaanite people are the Newcanaanites who remember
Moving here from different places. These people may appear to be very preppy with
A bit of a quirky attitude at first, but they are very deep people who have an insecurity
About them because they were rejected for alittle while because they were new.
Some of these people refuse to be labeled and refuse to get close to a lot of people
Because they don’t feel like they can relate ex. The natives) But lets face it these
People deserve credit because they know what the real world is like and it is a
Huge shock to live here after you’ve been in less loaded towns who don’t offer shit.
The last type of person are the absolute New Canaanites who are as preppy as a person
Can get – They don’t just dress it they act it 100% as well and are cocky and nice
At the same time, very boisterous in class and never fail to get the highest grades that
Can only be imagined by most. These people live on the richest roads in new canaan
And are only friends with the other rich kids in new canaan, exception to about 2 -3 kids who act the part but don’t actually live in it 100%. The Absolute new Canaanites
Have parents who own houses in many other locations, mothers who own Audi’s.
BMW’s, Jags and Range Rovers, they may have a few of their own In their heated garages. Not to say that it’s bad to be an absolute New Canaanite, but they are hard
To miss because they are very muscular and most have green eyes that may look
Mean until they light up with laughter over a small joke in A.P English.
Anyway new canaan is a very nice – looking town. Church is great, but the
Stores on Elm Street have a lot of coocky items that only an artist could love.
Don’t forget to wave to the men hanging out at the little fire station. Don’t
Forget your manners when you come here because they are appreciated always.
Have a good day, mate.
New Canaan is a place that is sheltered by walls of wisdom
by la la la la la May 28, 2006
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