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CAL Premier Division of Cyberathlete Amatuer League. It was added around s10 because of many reasons, but one was because CAL was getting so much trizzafic.
fragger2 : shuttup you hack
by krosmo March 01, 2005

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Some consider it a fruit, but to many it is a ghetto smoking device. Created by the gods, the apple is to help those who are in desperate need of a smoking piece, or forgot where they put their pipe.

1. obtain the apple

2. carve out the core with a knife, so it has a decent sized bowl.

3. find a pen, and take the insides out of it so it's just the "tube" of the pen.

4. stick the "tube" into a side of the apple so it enters the core. clean out the apple in the tube with something (one may use the inside of a mechanical pencil), then stick the tube back into the apple. This is now the mouth piece.

5. find a sheet of tinfoil. lay it down on a table (cloth or rag separating the two, recommended) and with a tac, or other pointy device, poke about 15-20 holes in the very center of the piece of tinfoil.

6. fold the tin foil over the hole of the apple, just enough so it has the perfect sized bowl. if needed, stick tacs through the tinfoil into the apple, making sure it won't slide around.

7. breathe through the pen while observing the tinfoil. if the tinfoil doesn't push down a little bit into the apple, then the tinfoil is folded tightly enough around the edges of the apple.

8. place marijuanna over the tiny holes that you have made earlier. you are now ready to test out your ghetto apple.
hey man, did you finish making that apple pipe?

yesterday i made an apple pipe, but i accidently burned through the tinfoil because i held the lighter too close.
by krosmo January 07, 2005

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