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Matt Levine n,verb.

Matt Levine is more recent idealogy that has permeated through the western world, a product of the desire for a luxury, ultra-expensive, uber-exclusive and uberficial lifestyle that was the ugly side effect of years of excess in the ‘easy money’ pre subprime era.

Although there have been rumours and sightings of the Real ‘Matt Levine’, no one has provided concrete evidence of birth place/date or sightings of the ‘actual person’, and is assumed to be an imaginary nom de guerre given to this pretentious ethos, and the douchebag disciples of this cult who infect all the major cities. The hysterical devotees ritually seek the velvet ropes of clubs/bars that they cannot get into for worship, drink Reyka vodka and Armand de Brignac champagne as communion, and idolize Celebrity.

The imaginary Matt Levine’s doppelganger, is the equally imaginary Tyler Durden (Fight Club) who despises materialism and consumerism. (Matt) Levinery reached its height when He opened a luxury bar, The Eldridge, in New York, for His ‘ friends and family’ to hang out provided they bring their ‘laser-engraved entry cards that say Guest of Matt Levine’

Matt Levine’s regularly use soundbites like “It’s who you are and who you know”, “Everyone I know goes away ( from NYC) on the weekends”, “I'm a Nikki Beach Black Card holder, ….. I can fill you in on what it is like to drink Reyka with Beckham”
“ Matt Levine does not belong in the LES (Lower East Side)”

“This place has been Levine’d”

“Who the fuck is Matt Levine?”
by kramersconscience August 12, 2008
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This is when a persons hand is so fat that you can longer see the knuckle bone/joint. Instead, there are dimples where the knuckles should be, similar to those of chubby childrens cheeks. The Knimples are the indents where the knuckle joint should be.
"Your girl needs to lose some weight"
"No she doesn't, she's average"
"Er, look how she holding that sandwich, you can see the knimples on her hand from here!"
"Yeah, your right."
by kramersconscience August 26, 2009
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