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a word used to ruin peoples lives.
Do you love me?

Can I go with my friends?
by kowshe July 12, 2008

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a word used to screw people over/ruin their lives
I love you ... maybe.
You can go with them ... maybe.
He/She'll come home ... maybe.
by kowshe July 12, 2008

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The source of every problem with abuse in the world. It was banned once, and should have stayed that way. It is the worst thing in the world and causes the most deviorces and child runaways than anything else. It sucks. Only idiots drink that crap (which is what it smells like too). Also the cause of a ton of suicides. More people die every year from alcohol-realated stuff than anything else, even drugs and homicides.
Idiot: Want some alcohol?
Smart Person: You're such a f------ idiot!

Cop: Why did you run away?
Kid: I ran away because I couldn't stand my dad's drinking anymore...
by kowshe October 26, 2008

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Short for Alexxia.

Generally snot-nosed.

EXTREMELY annoying.

Is secretly a V.A.P. (very annoying person) from another planet. Hatched from eggs, and usually are very very very very very ugly. Have to get intensive plasic surgery to correct the uglyness (which usually doesn't work).
Holy crap, that Lexxie over there is UUUUGGGLY!! -dies from grossness-
by kowshe August 06, 2008

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