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Anal virginity, if you have your ass flowers you have never been fucked in the ass. It comes from the term deflower.
Although he protests that he only lost a petal or two, Nate took Josh's ass flowers last summer.
by kitschbunni September 17, 2007
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a type of boot most often worn by punks, skinheads, goths, and sometimes hippies. they are infinitely superior to dr. martens because they are actually approved as safety footwear and they don't sprout holes in the heels after you've only been wearing them for six months. the price is slightly higher than that of docs but they're worth every penny.
hot pocket: 'omg! look! i have new docs! they're made by nike now so i know they're great!'
subcultural girl: 'it's a good thing you can get mommy to drive you everywhere otherwise you'd need grinders like the other people who walk wear.'
by kitschbunni September 19, 2007
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a derogatory term used in the punk, industrial, and goth communities to describe the people who look totally normal for the majority of their lives, but then one day decide to purchase a complete wardrobe at hot topic and infiltrate a scene. oftentimes these people have no sense of the history of their subculture and assume that everything they don't know about must be mainstream. they are often very nice people who are simply brainwashed by the consumerist culture into thinking that clothes are all there is to the counterculture.
hot pockets are easily identified by their overpriced tripp pants, numetal t-shirts or shirts with sophmoric 'witty' sayings, torn chucks, store-bought studded arm socks, scrawled-on eyeliner, and badly-dyed black hair, often greasy and/or streaked with dark red or auburn.

see also mallcore
look at all the hot pockets lined up for the bleeding through show!

it's too bad that that hot pocket has no idea that the subculture he claims to belong to is founded on principles of DIY, not blind consumerism.
by kitschbunni September 20, 2007
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