3 definitions by kilgore

1. (Noun) The vaginal juice that accumulates on the base of your dick, then dries thus becoming crusty.
(You're in class and homie is scratching his junk hard)

The fucks the matter with you you got the clap or something!?

Nah bro just some thrust crust from THOT
by kilgore March 4, 2016
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perl is a language you will either love or hate. If you hate it, you're probably just confused because nobody told you about perldoc yet.
copy and paste this into a shell:

perl -e "print unless s aa\n&E vtuEAopuifs&PfsmEHbdlfs\n\na&&y i&b-z&i&a-y&i&&y eE &e J ed&&0"
by kilgore August 16, 2003
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Okay, first off, Linkin Park and Mudvayne fucking own. Second, Mudvayne is not nu-metal. They are ALT-METAL. Same thing goes for LP. Third, people have opinions. You can listen to whatever the fuck you feel like listening to. K? K.
P.1: omg si mudvane nu-metal SHYT BURN
P.2: Fuck off.
by kilgore December 8, 2004
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