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Beans are a cheap commodity, so to count them is a rather silly thing to do. A "bean counter" is one who nitpicks over small things in order to save costs. It is a derogatory term for accountants, bankers, and anyone who holds a financial interest in an endeavor.
The Saturn ION's oil filter housing is cheap plastic because bean counters decided that a metal one was too expensive.
by kevinthenerd October 3, 2006
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A childish term for a blanket, sometimes used between lovers in their baby talk but more often used in communication between a parent and a young child. Oftentimes, this term is used as a proper noun as though the blanket were a cognizant entity.
Oh, look how Johnny is sucking his thumb and cuddling with Blankey.
by kevinthenerd September 19, 2004
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Unridiculous” is a portmanteau of “unbelievable” and “ridiculous” coined by Clint D. during a frustrating phone conversation with a Chinese restaurant over an incorrect order. It refers to a combination of frustration, severe disbelief, and confusion. (The term may have originated from "UN-believable," a common saying of a coworker with a long emphasis on the first syllable and with similar meaning.) Mimicking this confusion started as a joke, but the term has come into serious usage among his ~100 coworkers and possibly beyond.
I have to work Saturday AND Sunday? This is unridiculous.
by kevinthenerd November 19, 2010
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