2 definitions by kevinkeogh

A complete idiot who gets no poon and is basically the least likely to get any girls in the friend group. A group of goobers is called goobs. Common characteristics of a goober include: funny looking, clumsy, obese, low iq. This term was originated in Cranford New Jersey, by a red headed man.
Look at that funny looking fat kid! Hes a total Goober!
by kevinkeogh January 28, 2019
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Females goobers carry many of the same characteristics as male goobers, including obesity, low iq, funny lookingness, and clumsiness. Many female goobers typically also try to be funny, when they are really just extremely annoying. A female and male goob in a relationship, is called a mega goob.
Oh look! Mike is dating that female goober! They are a Mega Goob now!
by kevinkeogh January 29, 2019
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