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A person, usually a female ranging from ages 18-46 with a moderately high income, who goes into any retail establishment intent upon stealing something without getting put in jail or paying a cent. Said person tends to be a MILF with a tude that is unleashed upon unsuspecting salespeople or waitstaff at the first sign of not being able to buy something for free.

No matter how accommodating or kind you are to the person, they will lie to the salesperson/waitstaff and associates, lie to their families and friends, and lie to management, to get their item or meal for free or much less. Their reasons do not always make sense and seem to be pulled out of the ass.

They act offended as possible and would steal the item/meal outright if not for the fear of getting caught. Some might actually do it anyway.

Some, especially the noobs, can be discouraged with kindness and evident practice of good work ethic, but all are encouraged by rudeness, so beware: do not be rude.

1. Watch out for that MILFing billstiff; she finds ways to get everything in this store for free....

2. Did you see the way she billstiffed Zack on a $250 hairstyle? I won't be taking her order next time she comes in....
by kero frangipani pants February 05, 2009

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Slang phrase alluding to a show seen on television. It can refer to something that is watched in person and not on television, such as a fight, a funny accident, or a fun person acting funny.
1. "What are you doing with that stapler? Wow, I don't know what I'd do if you weren't around to keep me entertained."

"What can I say? I'm what's 'on the telly.'"

2. "Let's go to High Street and see what's on the telly."
by kero frangipani pants February 05, 2009

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Polite acronym for "Get the fuck off" or "Get the freak off." Alternative: "Get the fuck out."

Usually used online to tell trolls or ad site linkers to get out of a chat room or off a message board.
Troll: Wanna look at my freeeeeee spyware loaded sex site?
Jojo: No.
Mami: Heck no.
Jose: What? I was talking about polar bears.
Troll: I've got this freeeeeee spyware loaded sex site.... Lots of freeeeeee sexxxx.
Jane: Go away. We're talking about the climate and global warming.
Seung: I'm gonna sign off if he keeps this up.
Jose: Troll, cut it out.
Troll: Look at my freeeeee sexxxx. You no like sexxxx for freeeee?
Jojo: GTFO.
Troll: signs off
by kero frangipani pants February 08, 2009

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Section of a town wherein the inhabitants must either walk or drive up high hills in their beat-up, thirty year old cars to get to the store. The cars usually won't make it, and that is just as well since the owners tend not to have gas money anyway.

Usually situated on a flood plain below the rest of the town, out of sight of the highway.

The homes are mainly hollowed out, falling down houses or trailers, patched up shacks built from scraps off other's homes.

There may be big above ground swimming pools in the front yards, along with all the toys, waste paper, beer bottles, used condoms, broken music cds, and other rubbish.

Concurrently inhabited by scrawny German Shepherd dogs that look not to be fed very well, cats, and an odd assortment of stray chickens.

The inhabitants tend to rely upon public transportation as a way to go into a nearby city to visit their doctors for the many ailments they have.

They tend to express self-centered ideas about life, and show a lack of imagination. Those who have imagination use it to dream up ways to make money selling meth or other drugs, or how to stay out of or keep others out of jail.

News is what comes on the telly sometimes in between fights, baby showers, drug deals, sucking out the water from the latest flood, and porn.

Not a good place to go to unless you're going to tear it down and rebuild it.
1. If you go to Lucasville, Ohio, please try to help the people living in The Bottoms, or else just stay out of there.

2. The Bottoms is a sad place to see.
by kero frangipani pants February 05, 2009

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A polite acronym for "couldn't be arsed."

Synonyms: "tough," "tough shit," "I guess you're SOL," "couldn't care less."

1. Mel: "Are you going to sew your own costumes or buy them readymade for the Twilight party?"

Kay: "CBA."

by kero frangipani pants February 08, 2009

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