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A person, usually a female ranging from ages 18-46 with a moderately high income, who goes into any retail establishment intent upon stealing something without getting put in jail or paying a cent. Said person tends to be a MILF with a tude that is unleashed upon unsuspecting salespeople or waitstaff at the first sign of not being able to buy something for free.

No matter how accommodating or kind you are to the person, they will lie to the salesperson/waitstaff and associates, lie to their families and friends, and lie to management, to get their item or meal for free or much less. Their reasons do not always make sense and seem to be pulled out of the ass.

They act offended as possible and would steal the item/meal outright if not for the fear of getting caught. Some might actually do it anyway.

Some, especially the noobs, can be discouraged with kindness and evident practice of good work ethic, but all are encouraged by rudeness, so beware: do not be rude.

1. Watch out for that MILFing billstiff; she finds ways to get everything in this store for free....

2. Did you see the way she billstiffed Zack on a $250 hairstyle? I won't be taking her order next time she comes in....
by kero frangipani pants February 05, 2009
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