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Just as lame as the original Mtv
Why the hell did they invent MTV 2 if mtv wasn't good in the first place? ugh..
by kdsjfa April 22, 2006

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The old old legend of how kids get to be freckley. It is said that the child has a screen held over his or her face, then someone poops on the screen. Little drops of excrement seep through & fall onto the childs skin, thus making them poopscreened, AKA freckled.
ginger kid: you suck!
normal kid: shut up you frickin poopscreen!
by kdsjfa April 08, 2006

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worse/better than crack cocaine, depending on how you look at it.
I can't get off myspace!! ahhh! I need myspacers anonymous
by kdsjfa April 22, 2006

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A grindcore band that many people say shouldn't have ever gotten a record label. Besides their parody "picnic of love" cd, I mostly agree.
dude: i love anal cunt!
other dude: if they got signed, I'm a monkeys uncle.
other other dude: well, you're a monkeys uncle then. but their picnic of love cd was cool.
Other other other dude: what are you supposed to do at their concerts, just sit around and look confused? you cant even dance to this shit.
gangsta: tru dat blood
other other other dude: here, I'm putting on thier picnic of love cd.

"I was selling flowers by the side of the road, when you came to my flower stand. I was telling you about pansies and roses, when you tried to grab my hand. tra la la la la la la la, tra la la la la la la la, sorry I'm not that kind of boy..."

gangsta: dis shyt is tyte
by kdsjfa April 22, 2006

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