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This person (usually a girl) enjoys teasing someone (childish fun) they try to make u think you have a chance by keeping you interested somehow and you will proberely never get anywhere. if they are 16 or over they have a serious issue and need to grow up they usually are used to having there own way so dont let them have it unless your a childish fool
<girl> I want to have sex with u tomorrow!

<guy> really ok come to mine at about 8

<girl> i'll be there

(she'll either let you down or if shes comes she'll just sit there and when u make a move she'll say something like)

<girl> no i dont want to

<guy> whats wrong with u
by kano March 23, 2004

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a dick that resembles a cube in shape; a penis that is wide and also small in length.
Hey, Hilcke has a chud!
by Kano March 09, 2005

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