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St. Thomas, Ontario is notably a great turmoil for southern Ontario. Most people who are born there are not going to go far in life as most of those people will never leave the town. It is a blackhole in which most do not surface. Drugs overthrow the town and most of the filth that walk the streets are oxyheads. Besides those few are the whores who get pregnant at 15. Meaning most of the females if you can call them that. No one is big and tough and none should be feared. Little white boys trying to be gangster is the 'it' thing. Parkside sucks ass, yes, yes it does. Don't deny it. Just like every other highschool in St. Thomas. None are better than any other. St. Thomas is filled with no-daddy aisles and we even have our very own ghetto, how trendy is that! The streets are becoming bare as jobs are diminished and stores go out of business. You can smoke joints walking down the street and passers-by will sniff and be on their way. Everyone does it here just some people will go to far and end up with needles in their arms and a date with the morg.
All in all; St. Thomas is a shithole and the people there are all shitheads.
Except me, of course. I'm getting the fuck out of here, peace fuckas.
The crackhead in your cellar: Hey mannnn, got any iceee. *shakeshake* St. Thomas, Ontario is always packing, show me your stash.
by k-t-y January 27, 2010
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