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Female I Should Hump. A really hot chick that you want to have sexual relations with. I girl that could be a supermodel, a celebrity, that chick you had sex with last night, or just about any hottie that you could consider for intercourse. It also falls back on the age old game of fishin' on the beach with a football for hot ladies to talk to.
Man whats up with that fish you're datin.

Have you totally hit that fish yet.

Lets go fishin' for some fish.

See that fish over there, I've had her twice.
by jwallace April 04, 2008

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A guy that is freakin' crazy. Someone who will have sex with just about anything. Also a person who is a big-ass football player could be considered a "Samsquatch".
Samsquatch was tearin' that ass up all night long.

I got samsquatched last night.

Samasquatch at that guy whole last night.

Did you see that samsquatch fuck that toaster.
by jwallace April 04, 2008

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