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Using a persons data without consent.. aka fucking them over by misusing their personal data in a way that was not consensual. Often accomplished with droofies (see droofies).
You: "WTF Facebook!?!"

Friend: "What ?"

You: "All I remember is last night I went to bed and no one could see my personal info on my facebook profile, and then this morning I woke and everyone could see my birthdate, social security number, credit card info .. AND my asshole hurts."

Friend: "Dude.. you must have been data raped by Facebook. I bet they slipped you a droofie."
by justlikealltherest July 22, 2011

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A flash mob, but with naked people. People synchronize their activity and all show up at a location (creating a flash mob), but they are all naked.
Every year on July 1st at 7PM an annual flesh mob takes place where hordes of naked people ascend on San Francisco Union Square, clap and shout for one minute and then disperse running away through the streets past high end fashion stores like gucci, macy's, and louis vuitton.
by justlikealltherest June 18, 2011

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A non-elicit (legal) document slipped to the user of a digital service (typically a website) containing terms which allow for the non-consensual use of the person's data (see data rape).
You: "No one reads these fucking 75 page Terms of service before using a website"
Friend: "Careful dude, there might be droofies in there"
You:"huh ?"
Friend: "Dude if they slip you a droofie, there's no telling what they'll do with your data."
You:"You mean... data rape me ?"
by justlikealltherest July 22, 2011

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