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the hottest guy with the fattest cock in you’ve ever seen. very nice hair and a fat cock. he’s very smart, kind, and he has a faaaattttt cock. he always puts you first and takes into consideration how you’re feeling and did I mention he has a FAT COCK? love that guy.
melanie: omg who’s fat cock is that?! i’ve never seen one so big!
me: oh it’s frank’s. the fattest ever huh. that’s why I claimed him.
by juizyjeeypa December 13, 2019

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a sweet kind woman, who is very strong and sexy. she can do anything she wants to and she knows it, even if it’s hard for her to focus sometimes. she is the most amazing person in the world and anyone would be lucky to enjoy her presence in their life. As she roams the world, she leaves laughter and joy in her wake. No one forgets a jaya. If you ever find a jaya, don’t forget she has a nice body and a tight pussy.
Have you talked to jaya? she’s so interesting.

Have you met jaya? she’s thick.

Have you met jaya? of course i have everyone knows jaya!
by juizyjeeypa December 13, 2019

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