3 definitions by joshjaxnkody

A hard drive with a limited amount of flash memory to make it a middle ground between an SSD and an HDD.
I just installed an SSHD into my PC.
by joshjaxnkody August 13, 2019
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Neighbors With Appetizers from the simpsons
We are NWA here for the party
by joshjaxnkody November 14, 2018
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a person who you think is nice but makes sexual jokes and of course he has to be German but he loves big breasted girls and wants to either be a hit man or a nuclear physicists so yaaaaaaaay he also has a stache of pistol crossbows and knives and is not afraid to defend himself or his friends/family/pets
damn that guy is a full on Joshua with that crossbow
by joshjaxnkody March 8, 2017
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