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how losers say loser
that loser thinks hes really cool by writing los3r
by joshan October 24, 2006

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when a fat guy cant be bothered to say what, so instead says whiss
"i hate you"
by joshan October 15, 2006

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What you say when you want to confuse someone or piss them off
random chav: "dayz i just got shanked"
me: "SUTO you dirty chav. Yeah you run back to your little council home"
by joshan November 14, 2006

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when someone says something really sad and stupid, you NO! to their comment and they will shut up
cool dude: whoa that building almost looks like the gondor temple lol
me: NO! not funny no one likes you, you have no friends
by joshan November 15, 2006

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Someone who is really not cool but thinks they are so you sarcasticly call them the cool
George VB is the cool
by joshan December 08, 2006

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