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excited young fella.
when a guy see's a hot bird which gives him a stiff one.
when a mans member grows some what.

if hes a pufter then the same applys
1. ( in the mens changing rooms) tim says: i better get out of here before i get a stiff mole.

2.shes giving me a right old stiff mole said patrick.
by jonny rotten pants July 21, 2009

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have a guess
Oi sergeant arse-fuck - get off my property!
Just what do you think your doing sergeant arse-fuck...eh?
by jonny rotten pants June 28, 2009

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a big fucking idiot

its a nickname for someone you dont like, that you and your mates all know.
alright arse helmet hows it going?
have you seen arse helmet about... he's fucking retarded that guy!
by jonny rotten pants June 29, 2009

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is someone who prefers to plumb mens holes with his own wrench and nuts.

if a man goes in his toilet and finds theres either a blockage/leak or hes just a bit of a gaylord if you get my meaning then he'll call round his schvincter plumber to fix it for him with his big tool.
a regular fun boy whos reliable, on time and does his job to a high standard of gayness when you require him to and then goes away.
"oh great... i just had that hole fixed last week, it might need to be 'broke in' again to get it running smoothly"
"tut, my pipe is a bit chafed down there, i'll need to call my schvincter plumber to release the blockage" etc
by jonny rotten pants June 24, 2009

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