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What you get when you call your local provider of phone/gas/electric/broadand/whatever and get transferred to a very nice call centre in India, where staff reply to you, reading from a script on a screen in heavy accented Indian English or Indlish
I cant type Indlish

How can you type accents???
by jomac_uk March 08, 2010
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A transbistrottler is a technical piece of equipment used by a person who doesnt know the fuck what he or she is on about, it doesnt exist apart from in the mind of the person, but is used as a tool to impress others
if we take the transbistrottler and connect it to the manually operated percussion accellerometer we will have a result
by jomac_uk August 03, 2008
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A non technical person trying to impress an equally non technical person, by pretending he knows all of the techie terms and uses made up words.
Well its quite simple, the hoojarkerpivot connnects to the transbistrottler, and that in turn operates the upper left laughing shackle.
by jomac_uk March 19, 2010
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a device to apply a measured amount of force in a certain direction at the required time and direction
using a manually operated percussion accelerometer, we need to insert this steel shaft into this solid surface.

or we are going to hammer this nail into the wall!!
by jomac_uk August 03, 2008
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