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Fuckin' brilliant South Korean midfielder who joined Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven. His song has to be one of the best terrace chants ever invented!
Ji-Sung Park has one of the best terrace songs ever invented... (I suspect Pete Boyle made it up, as ever...)

Park, Park, wherever you may be
You eat dogs in your home country
But it could be worse...
You could be Scouse...
Eating rats in a council house!!!
by joannedj January 13, 2007
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Either a male prostitute or a player or supporter of Chelsea FC. Even if they no longer play for Chelsea, the fact that they once did (e.g. Dennis Wise, Graeme Le Saux) means they'll always be thought of as a Rent Boy! Le Saux is just THE ultimate Rent Boy! No wonder Robbie Fowler once showed him his arse! And I don't even like Fowler (ugly Scouse twat) but that incident was funny as fuck!
Hello! Hello! Chelsea Rent Boy! Chelsea Rent Boy!

United are 6 points clear of the Rent Boys in the Premiership. Oy, Rent Boys - keep that trophy nice & shiny coz we're coming to take it back to Old Trafford where it belongs, you shandy-drinking soft Southern shites!!!

Dennis (Un)Wise may now be manager of the Sheep Shaggers but he'll always be a Rent Boy to me!
by joannedj January 14, 2007
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In the bad old days before XP, this was a frequent occurence on computers which ran on a Windows OS. In some of the worst cases, you only had to look at the computer in a funny manner for the temperamental bastard to give you the Blue Screen Of Death! It usually tells you some shit like "a fatal error has occured" and gives you some mathematical gibberish. Basically, it means the operating system is rather shite and can't be arsed doing what you wanted it to do...
I remember a few years ago on my section at work we had this computer that gave us the Blue Screen Of Death so fuckin' often on a daily basis that I ended up decorating the monitor with the chequered tape we normally use on files if someone is terminally ill!
by joannedj January 03, 2007
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UK Top 10 song (#8) in 1986 by the Pet Shop Boys from the album "Please". Song & video inspired by the film of the same name by Penelope Spheris about disaffected, rioting youths. One of my fave PSB songs of all time.
Let's take a ride, run with the dogs tonight, in suburbia.

Suburbia, where the suburbs meet utopia.
by joannedj January 13, 2007
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An insult aimed at anyone in rural areas, particularly most of Yorkshire and, of all of Yorkshire, particularly Leeds. Can also be called mutton molestors or ovine abusers, but sheep shaggers just sounds better!
Leeds United "fans" are a bunch of sheep shaggers!
Sheep shagging scum, in fact.
I will laugh so much if the fuckin' sheep shaggers get relegated again!

Sheep, sheep, sheep shagger!

Oh Elland Road (Oh Elland Road)
Is full of sheep (is full of sheep)
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep
It's full of sheep, sheep and more sheep
Oh Elland Road is full of sheep!
by joannedj January 13, 2007
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Language and nationality of people from France.

Nationality of, quite frankly, one of the greatest players ever to wear the Red Shirt - Eric "Dieu" Cantona!!!

Other notable French players who've worn the Red Shirt: Fabian Barthez, Laurent Blanc, Louis Saha, Mikael Silvestre
Eric Cantona is a French football genius who was rescued by Manchester United from the subs' bench at Leeds for a bargain £1.2mil in November 1992 and during his time at Old Trafford from 1992 to 1997 led the Reds to four Premiership titles and 2 FA Cup victories (completing the Double in 1994 and 1996) and he scored some truly magnificent goals.

by joannedj January 13, 2007
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