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term used in fps(first-person shooter), a person that seems to be good and cocky in pubs(public games) but when it comes to matches etc. they cant back their noob asses up with skill.
A:You got 0wn3d in the face son!
B:ok lets scrim
after the scrim
A:man i was lagging
B:watever you pub scrub..uninstall n00b!
by joTHAiStoise September 08, 2006
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When a person is slapped across the face with a male'e reproducing organ(penis aka dick).
Wow that guy just came up to me and fladonkeyed me and some skeet skeet got in my eye socket.
by joTHAiStoise August 01, 2006
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slapping with disrespect most likely on the head not the face (slapping in the face makes you look like a bitch and a pussy).
James don't make me disslap you.
by joTHAIStoise April 19, 2007
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A:Dude go get worksheets from the teachers desk
B:No Y.G.G.I.I.H.A.B
A:Eww Gross.......FINE!
by joTHAIStoise April 09, 2007
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Also known as Satan's Asshole where your encaged in the hands of fast food restaurants and schools filled with illiterate imbaciles.
Houston? Doesnt that place smell like shit.
by joTHAIStoise April 09, 2007
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