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A couple whose relationship was formed after one person expressed their feelings for the other on the other's Formspring. After much deliberation, the person figures out who the author was, and returns the favor to the author's formspring. Mainly a characteristic of junior high and high school relationships.
"Brett is such a pushover when he's around Tina. They have such a messed up relationship."
"Well they're a Formspring couple, what do you expect? He didn't even have the balls to tell her how he felt in person."
by jimbobwe93 March 24, 2010
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The desperate search by body-builders and athletes for any source of protein after an intense work-out. Obsessed with ensuring they consume a substantial amount of protein within the half-hour "window" after their work-out, body-builders and athletes scourge the surrounding neighborhood/kitchen/city for sources of protein. The Protein Hunt often ends in frantic consumption of a burger, a glass of milk, several eggs, or something similar.
Jimbo: "Yo man, you want to come over and play some video games?"
Mike: "Nah dude I can't, I just maxed out at the gym and now I'm on the Protein Hunt. But while I've got you on the phone, do you know any good places to grab a burger around here?"
by Jimbobwe93 November 05, 2009
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