3 definitions by jiggyshawa

An extremely fat girl who is up for anything sexually because she is so insecure. Good for a root if you're horny and can't find anything better. Slam whales all give great blowjobs (because they have to, and the chubby cheeks feel nice and warm).
"I haven't gotten laid in a month..."
"Just fuck a slam whale, dude, they're up for anything."
by jiggyshawa May 30, 2014
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Something is so awesome and cool to look at that it bends the laws of reality
A: "My mum brought home some food for us."
B: "Too real"
by jiggyshawa June 06, 2015
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A leading biological theory which suggests that women are attracted to deep sounds (voices, cars going vroom vroom, and bass guitar) due to a vibration it creates in the vagina.
Girls love dubstep because of the extreme vaginal resonance.
by jiggyshawa May 30, 2014
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