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A more precise alternative to writing the word 'lol'

Or if witnessed in the flesh: A short, polite, delicately cheeky sounding laugh, completed with finger-tips covering over mouth, befitting the laugh of a geisha-girl. Sounding like hihihi
Q: Why did the baker have brown hands?
A: Because he kneaded a poo

by jharris and ceemo April 04, 2012
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When somebody looks particularly fuckable or sexy/ worthy of some sexy time
"I have to say you're looking highly fucksome tonight"
by jharris and ceemo May 23, 2013
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The combination of squits diarrhea and wee ie clearish water shooting out of one's anus as a result of a stomach bug/intestinal disorder
Sorry I can't come out tonight I have a bad case of sqwee
by jharris and ceemo March 03, 2010
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GAKE: A Gay man who obsesses, talks about and enjoys Cake

GAY-TEAU: Slighty better heeled Gay man who obsesses about Gateau

GAY-STRY: Like the above but for pastry
Gay man "I spent all of Saturday afternoon baking cupcakes. Do you think that makes me a Gake?"
by jharris and ceemo November 20, 2010
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Henge - is an 'older' hench ( well built, muscled) man.
"you're looking Henge there chap"
by jharris and ceemo August 09, 2017
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