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Beats The Hell Out Of Me.
Agnes asked a silly photgraphy question. Since I didn't know the answer I said BTHOOM.
by jgl May 16, 2005
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345 Disease happens when the body starts slowy shutting down all of its major organs until a person quits or locates a new place of employment.
Employee 1: Where's Mike at today?
Employee2: He had to quit cause his lungs started to shut down on him.

Employee 1: My liver stopped working at my last job.
Employee 2: Yeah man, that 345 Disease is no joke!!
by JGL January 14, 2014
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Well Blow Me Down
A response to someone that says something that flabbergast you.
Jason said:
Anyone seen this? http://www.google.com/ig
Pretty cool, working its way up to a proper portal.

I responded WBMD.

by jgl May 20, 2005
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