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1.One who will continuously publicize others who posses foibles.
2.Such actions are constant.
3.Such thoughts eventually become subconscious to the point where reasonable thinking is unattainable
“Look at that guy, he walks like a duck, and I’ve never seen him brush his teeth.. Oh g-d, I’m such a foibler.”
by Jfrymer December 17, 2005
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1hundp (one-huhn-dee-pee); Adjective

1) An abbreviation that denotes "100%"
-Are you going to make it out tonight?
-Yes! 1hundp
by jfrymer November 13, 2011
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Krun - Chee - Fah-jai-tuhs


1. An typical tex-mex dish, whereby the most important ingredient is crushed up taco chips
2. The crushed up taco chips denote the crunchy aspect of the fajitas
Putting crushed up taco chips in my fajitas made those Crunchy Fajitas the crunchiest fajitas ever!
by jfrymer March 30, 2012
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