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A thugged out fag. One who embodies qualities of a thug, while looking like a pretty boy sissy.
Did you see Justin Timberlake perform the other night? What a thag!
by jennab December 09, 2008

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A wannabe Latino. A white person who acts like a chola/cholo.
"Holy shit, Susan, what's with the drawn on eyebrows slicked back ponytail? Are you going Juanabe on me?"
by jennab September 06, 2008

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The act of simulating a blowjob by starting off with your mouth but finishing with your hand, all while maintaining an up and down head motion. Good for larger penises. (Pronounced pluh-cee-blo)
My jaw was tired and it was dark in there, so I just gave him a placeblow. He said it was the best BJ he ever had.
by jennab November 06, 2013

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