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A quick form of masturbation in which one does not have ample time to properly pleasure themselves. Also can refer to repeated masturbation.
Ben tried to crank it in the three minutes his roommate left the room.
by jdubbs March 22, 2006

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A male (or female in some cases) that probes the asshole of another for pleasurable reasons. The probing is usually done in a strong and dominating fashion
Ben fucked her ass so hard that she screamed, "You are my rectal warrior."
by jdubbs November 29, 2006

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the act of licking a grundle
Ben, a grundle connoisseur, expertly gave grundlelingus to Eric's expectingly sweaty and hairy grundle
by jdubbs January 26, 2006

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an adjective used to describe the prototypical grundle as being suculant and delicious.
Ben's durf is extremely apetizing and grundlelicious
by jdubbs February 20, 2006

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A slang term describing Peter North, a famous Canadian porn star known for his massive ejaculations. Also, it can be used as a verb saying that someone got "petroed" in the face.
Ben was hardcore petroed by his idol Petro
by Jdubbs November 18, 2006

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