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D&OH (or DNOH pronounced dee-noh) - Short for the phrase "Duh and or Hello" made popular by Jon Benjamin's character from Archer, Sterling Archer. A sarcastic way of answering 'yes' to an obvious question.
Gay Guy1: Look Archer, in spite of your personality you get plenty of women right?

Archer: Uh, D&OH!

Gay Guy1: Well, D&OH, just act like you normally do around women...
by jdrsqrd August 17, 2011
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NOL is an acronym for Nope'd Out Loud. It is derived from the phrase LOL (laughed out loud) and used in the same fashion for stating when a given situation has been declined (origin as of this post is reddit
I was gonna let her give me head, but when she had what appeared to be a cold sore so I NOL'd
by jdrsqrd November 05, 2011
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