3 definitions by jcore

A girl who comes to close to crossing the line of dudeism by hanging around the dudes in their enviroment and participating in dude activities like surfing, skating, ect. These girls constantly use and abuse words like bro, ripping, shred, epic, rad, narly, dude, sick, bra, ect.
These chicks also dress like dudes,(baggy shorts, backward hats.)
That chick could be pretty hot if she was'nt so bro-bra.
by jcore July 18, 2006
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The act of smashing your cock and balls against a window
to affend someone on the other side. Similar to mooning someone with your ass.
The girls driving next to us in the BMW earned a frog moon from Jason after they repeatedly displayed their bitchy attitudes.
by jcore July 18, 2006
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A pair of currently worn boxers that suddenly turns into a form of makeshift toilet paper when a person needs to shit far from civilization. In this urgent situation the person graps the boxers and rips them from the body similar to hulk hogan tearing off his shirt.
The foot prints led us to a pair of shit caked hulksters.
by jcore July 20, 2006
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