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i.e...in consistency with "Charmin ultra soft" toilet paper. Soft, as in a pussy, letting people run over you, or talking to one's girl for extended periods of time. See "Soft". Charmin soft is being "ultra soft". Also used to refer to a rich or affluent neighborhood. "Charmin Block Niggaz"
"Are you still talking to Amina, Crack? You truely are Charmin Soft!" Or, "Ross is from that Charmin Block, cuz he's hella soft."
by jay boon September 17, 2007
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A knock is someone who is a fiend for drugs of any kind. There can be weed knocks, coke knocks, pill knocks, etc... Also refers to when someone exhibits "knockish" behavior, i.e. fiending for drugs or just acting square. (see square) The word knock is derived from the "knock" of a fiend knocking on the door looking for drugs.
I was left with the decision of whether to bust some knocks and make that money or just kick it with these females.
by jay boon June 12, 2008
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