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The new breakout show Monday nights on FOX. Michael Scofield Wentworth Miller robs a bank to get into prison so he can spring his death-row brother, Lincoln Burrows Dominic Purcell who may have been framed for murder. The show has become a runaway hit and has been renewed for a second season. Wentworth Miller is the latest overnight sensation and sexy new heartthrob.
Prison Break is a "G" rated version of the hardcore HBO series, OZ.
by javaturtle November 04, 2005

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Someone you pay $100 an hour to fuck with your psyche.
My therapist tried to blame my parents for all my troubles.
by javaturtle January 13, 2004

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1)an expression used when you are excited about something.

2) slang term used by many characters in the alternative comic, Stray Bullets by David Lapham.
Mike: "Let's go see that new movie starring our boy, Seth Green."
Vlad: "Cool Beans!"
by javaturtle January 13, 2004

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