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A special spry created and used by Cody. This special spry will instantly make any bitches in the vicinity vanish.
This product is a licensed and owned by “the Cody foundation of needy kid”.
Holly: Hey Cody!
Cody: Oh shit!
*Sprays Bitch be gone*
Holly disappears
Cody: wow that was a close one!

Announcer: Bitch be gone! Get it today!
by Jaryth000 January 14, 2005
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Complex information looping.
Somthing that is known my some, and not known my others, howeve, the others dont know the other people know.
The only way out of Infoloops are infoloop hole's.
Person 1: "hey did you know? *wisper, wisper, wisper*"
Person 2: "wow realy?"
person 1: "yeah, but you cant tell anyone!"
Person 2: "um ok."

later that day
Person 3: "hey did you hear?"
Person 2: "um... no."
person 3: "oh I thought you did, oh well."

person 1- likes person 2.
person 2- likes person 1.
person 1- knows person 2 likes them.
person 3- also knows person 2 likes person 1.
person 2- knows person 1 knows they like them.
person 1- dose not know if person 2 likes them.
Person 1- knows that person 3 knows whether or not person 1 likes them.
person 3- will not tell person 1 anything, for they have been told not to.
person 4- has know idea what the hell is going on, but thinks they do.
-and hear is whare it gets complicated-
person 5- also likes person 2.
person 6- is the only one that knows that person 5 likes person 1.

by jaryth000 January 25, 2005
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information loophole. the only way of getting around, past, or through infoloops.
Can be anyway of getting through, regardless, of what it is.
person 1: "Tell me!!"
Person 2: "NO!"
Person 1: "TELL ME!!"
Person 2: "No, go ask them yourself!"
Person 1: "FINW I WILL!!"
Person 2: "ha ha ha, good old infoloop holes."
by jaryth000 January 25, 2005
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