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Ready for the
army dogs cant do anything first. everyone knows the MARINES take care of business, then the army comes in after its all over and claims they did everything.
by jarhead August 22, 2005

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The bike that made motorcycles cool. I don't hate crotch rockets, but I definitely hate dumbasses that say Harleys are unreliable and slow. Sure, they put out low quality machines when AMF bought the company, but hey, then don't buy one. I have never been on my Harley and had one of these jackasses talk shit about my bike, because they see I would not mind taking jail time to put them in the hospital. It's called maintainance- you know, working on your bike. It's not just buying a shiny fast rocket and a cool jacket and being a biker. If someone buys the right model and puts any time into it, its easy to make a Harley fast as hell.
dude that thinks he's hard: check out my rocket- it sounds like a weed wacker
dude that is hard: if you don't leave in 3 seconds, i will stab you
by jarhead May 04, 2005

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