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Cox is one of the most successful managers in baseball history, having won 15 division titles, 5 pennants, and a World Series. He has officially named the Manager of the Year 4 times in three different decades and 8 times by the Sporting News. He's won in both the National and American Leagues. He has won with many different types of teams. He has won with teams that were filled with veterans. He has won with teams that were youthfully dominated, teams that dominated with great starting pitching, and teams with a great offense and a solid bullpen. By almost all accounts, Cox is one of the best managers in baseball history and a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Cox is the seventh winningest manager in major league history. Cox is also known, somewhat for his short temper with the umpires. Cox is currently tied for second for ejections in a career and first among all active managers. Cox is also the only person, player or manager, to be ejected from two World Series games. Every player who has ever played for the Braves loves Bobby Cox and loved playing for him. That’s why hes the fuckin man!
If I were to find the Fountain of Youth or the Holy Grail I would give it to Bobby Cox.

by jameth mcelroy February 04, 2007
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