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best known for it's use or misuse.

1.)verbal abuse to shock and awe.
possibly sexual in nature,
but than again... what word is not.

2.)used to draw your attention away from an issue at hand to something odd or interesting. aka the news

see examples:
I have your snarky right here.

I would like to snarky you...
in the am and in the pm or just plain snarky all day.
I love to snarky you all night.

snarky, I think thats a great name.
Lets make a little snarky of our own.

we can turn it into a movie
get snarky, or saving snarky,
what the snarky.... could be the winner though.
during filming the cast must all be stark naked for snarky to happen.

Its not your ear that I want to snarky in.

"snarky" dover
by jamesdover December 21, 2006

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