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the button on a key pad that makes the letters typed after pressing it in capital letters. it can also be used to give the affect of angryness. OH FOR THE SAKE OF PETE I PUSHED THAT DAMN CAPS LOCK BUTTON AGAIN!
caps lock off, CAPS LOCK ON, caps lock off CAPS LOCK ON, caps lock off, CAPS LOCK ON.
by James Watson December 09, 2004

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a saying used when in a moment of high stress at a situation or at a person. its derrived from "for gods sake" but humerously puts the name pete in the space of god.
guy: but i didnt know she was your sister!
girl: that doesnt matter!
by James Watson December 09, 2004

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An act of drunkeness, to topple over.
I'm pissed, I'm about to toplover
by James Watson September 01, 2004

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this is seen when someone has made a really really bad defintion or defined a word that really need not be defined but feels so alone in the world and doent want to seem unpopular so they VOTE FOR THEIR OWN DEFINITION. this results in a mear 1 THUMB UP and makes them look better. it is also obvios to the common joe that people who do this arent that smart in the noggin as they would make themselves look much better if they voted for it MORE THAN ONCE!
kenthars description of caps lock and the one below it
by James Watson December 09, 2004

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an extention of the word damn. it can also be used to talk about the british nation.
girl: im sorry but she really is pregnant
guy: oh damnation!
by James Watson December 09, 2004

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the name of a urban group in the west side of the east midlands. it can be put into an action by withdrawing the thumb of the right hand and crossing the two middle fingers of the right hand to form a "W". Then as the member of the gang or the public do this action they tip the hand to form an "E" then an "M" (to the onlooker). All this is done whilst saying westside east midleo'ns(midlands in a french accent). the french accent is derrived form the rumurs that there are french members in the gang
Yo mo fo! I is from the West side East Midleons
by James Watson December 08, 2004

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Accept it

(a small saying to convey a shrug of the shoulders and a good pat on the back) as in to say move on mate it could be worse etc.....
(ps it can also be done. as in, the problem can be accepted laughed at and moved away from)
oh what the fuck! i dropped my chicken balti on the new sofa!
"oh no worries homie! ALAMO! ALAMO!"
oh thanx mate haha(chuckle) ill just sit on it instead.
by james watson March 28, 2005

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