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A simulatory game that is played on your game system using a game paddel that is in the shape of a guitar, has five buttons (called fret buttons) and a flipper that is supposed to represent all six strings in one! sounds pretty cool huh? well guess what if you have the time to dick around learning to play shit on that, that doesnt even MATCH the song, then just buy a fuckin guitar for $100 instead of the game and learn how to play that instead.
nOOb to guitar hero: WTF why dont I just run home and get my guitar so we can play a real song Mike
Guitar hero junkie: uh, duh, but we have everything that we need to play REAL guitar on my PS2!
nOOb to guitar hero: faggot..
by james TH April 2, 2007
the the the duh effect on sunday knowing that the next day you have to go to school, possibly the worst feeling in the world knowing that the next day starts the long sleepless week at school. The effect can often start on a saturday night and ends abruptly monday morning when you know there is no turning back.....
person 1: hey dakota whats the matter?

person 2: dammit james, its saturday night and i just had the best time drinking tonight and i cant stand to think that tomorrow is my last day to sober up before i have to go back to school

person 1: my friend, it seems you are suffering the sunday effect

person 3: lets just go play some guitar hero

person 4: fuck you alessandro
by james TH April 17, 2007
As the name suggests, any guy that is unlucky enough to have womens genitals. In other words, the guy has a pussy.
in sentence :
Yo man, i just saw that guys mangina.

as a diss :
fag, go suck a mangina.
by james TH March 23, 2007
The lead singer of one of the greatest bands ever! and also a very well energized lead to coheed and cambria. He impress all with his abilitly to play coheeds conventionally unstructured music, lead guitar, and sing (at a very high range) at the same time. Also write all the music and lyrics for the band too!

Many criticize Claudio for his high pitched vocals (and although someone has already mentioned this) have you ever tried singing in that key, not that friggin easy eh? and also outside of the singing he actually realyl has a low voice. Also remember that coheed is all about the story, the voice could always be a way to portray the story to the listener.
cool kid: Fuck yeah! you can play guitar and sing just like claudio sanchez, i want to be just like him

dumb-ass kid: I hate this band, the singer has too high of a voice!
by james TH March 22, 2007
An amazing guitarist, and co-writer of classic songs in the band Iron Maiden. Dave stands as the only other remaining member of iron maiden since their beginining in the mid -70s besides bassist Steve Harris. He and guitarists, Janick Gers, and Adrian Smith are all similiarly/different, Murray is the guitarist that is known for playing his random ass solos on the spot following only melody and the scales...making him more of a Hendrix than a Page.
Dave Murray and his strat are out to rule the world! yeah, i guess iron maiden can come along for the ride too.
by james TH April 2, 2007
A mean thing to say to someone that i getting on your nerves. Possibly the most disgusting word in the english language.
Disser :Your such a cunt scab.
by james TH April 2, 2007
The musicians word for playing music with their musical chums. In contrast to what most say, this word, although used by many, will never be "over-used".
guitarist: hey dakota lets go jam down at jays place!

bassist: sounds good!
by james TH April 2, 2007