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slang for Pabst Blue Ribbons, one of the cheapest and most delicious beers known to man
After a hard day at work, Jim likes to throw back a few peebs and watch Fear Factor.
by Jake Christie March 17, 2007
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To be incredibly stoned. Comes from the words "eliminate" and "baked," for when you are so baked your mind has been utterly destroyed.
After we hit the gravity bong, I was gone. Elimibaked. I forgot what letter comes after C.
by jake christie July 24, 2006
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To escape from police custody. Comes from the colloquial "collaring," or arresting, of a criminal. i.e., criminals who are caught are said to be "collared." Thus, to "pop" the collar is to break free of it, or to escape.
The police tried to arrest Jimmy last night. He had to pop the collar and hide out at my house.
by jake christie July 22, 2006
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