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Someone who has sex with a person they are related to: the name for someone who has an incestuous relationship
'I heard that john fucked his sister, the dirty chifter'
by jahrambo April 16, 2007

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An inbred individual; an individual of inbred descent; the result of a chifterous relationship; a chift.

A portmanteau word arising from the communion of the nouns inbred and individual.
Amy Winehouse is an inbredividual
by jahrambo November 27, 2009

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An Italian word, literally meaning 'sailor style', referencing the coarse nature of seamen and their perceived propensity for the anus.
Come here Cecil so I can give you a good rogering... marinara style
by jahRambo April 17, 2011

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What people who lace there cigarettes with embalming fluid refer to said fluid as. This being a result of profound mental retardation due to abuse of the substance.
Hey homie let me catch some inbombing fluid.
by jahRambo August 25, 2010

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