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The software Katy Perry uses to make her albums bearably in tune.
"Dude, Katy Perry uses autotune a lot in her album. You can tell when you see her live.
by jahm3z April 29, 2009
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To have sexual intercourse with, including rape and beastiality. Normally used in the context of sex without any consent.
"Not three weeks before this he was run out of Fort Smith Arkansas for having congress with a goat. Yes lady, that is what I said. Goat." - Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian)
by jahm3z April 20, 2009
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A British term meaning any object or mannerism that is viewed as acceptable by aristocracy and upper classes.
Daughter: Which should order should the tea be poured, the tea then the milk, or the milk then the tea?

Mother: My dear, adding the milk before the tea would indeed be the more poshitically correct way of doing it.
by jahm3z March 24, 2009
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