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n. A term sometimes used in the fanfiction community by fans of the game Golden Sun to describe a romantic relationship between the non-player character (NPC) Alex and the playable character Mia.

People who support this pairing are called Imilshippers.
I can't stand Imilshipping, Alex is such a jerk, no way he deserves Mia!!@

Ya but if you look at their backstory its actually really sweet...
by jae June 18, 2006
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A.B.C is an acronym for Ass out, Boobs out, Chin out.
Ew! Look at Brittany she totally sits A.B.C. for guys will look at her.
by Jae April 21, 2005
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To give head basically , a word created by Rachella M. and Javanna B of nuu jeru!
rachella has downblown so many guys!!
by jae September 01, 2004
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National Smoke Day. (Also known as the the Great American Smoke Out)

6/21 is the day you smoke all the Ganj you have.
Kid 1:6/21 is in two weeks!
Kid:2 Make sure we got lots of shit to smoke.
by Jae June 21, 2004
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tobys favourite word or its a choice between dat and cock
<jae> toby piss mr moore off
<toby shouting> MINGE!!!!
by Jae April 14, 2005
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